Chassis et suspension

Parts and sub-assemblies for the ground connection

We have a strong engineering capacity, from the definition of the specifications to the design of the part and associated tooling.

We are used to working on weight reduction, optimization of the weight/cost/performance ratio, and reduction of the carbon footprint.



Weight/ Cost/ Performance

Carbon footprint

Mulitbras arrière désassemblé fait par SJI

Complete system

Mulitbras arrière désassemblé fait par SJI

Our ground connection parts are well known within the automotive industry. We are able to provide you with single parts up to a complete ground connection system.

Suspension module

Assemblage de composants

Saint Jean Industries can offer all its products in the form of a pre-assembled module.

  • Suspension sub-assemblies with insert
  • Ball joint
  • Bearing
  • Front and rear axle halves
Assemblage de composants

aluminum chassis / suspension parts

Saint Jean Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of lightweight aluminum pivots with solid or hollow sections.