Aluminium rims

The patented COBAWHEELS™ aluminum wheel technology is a great illustration of Saint Jean’s mission for mobility. It reduces the use of raw material, namely aluminum, and it contributes to lighter vehicles without compromising safety and performance.

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Jantes en aluminium sur le Dodge Charger SRT

Lightening of Aluminum Wheels

By using the right technology and the right alloy in the right place, we have managed to produce a rim with the amount of material strictly necessary to fulfill its function. 

The result is large diameter rims that are ultra-light and able to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Benefits cobawheels™

This technology is more applicable to the manufacture of large diameter rims of

19 to 22 inches

Ultra light design

A unique combination of technologies that allows the greatest freedom of design, and guarantees thin thicknesses.

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Controlled costs

We use the minimum amount of material in manufacturing, and we use less tooling to perform all operations.


A hybrid technology

We use our patented COBAWHEELS™ technology that combines advanced manufacturing processes used in aerospace and automotive: flow forming, COBAPRESS™ and FSW friction stir welding.

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Exemple d'une jante aluminium avec le procédé Cobawheels


This process offers great design flexibility, improved mechanical characteristics, and very good fatigue resistance

Soudage par friction jantes aluminium

Friction stir welding

Used to weld the two parts of the rim, without adding metal, whatever the alloys used

Fluotournage jantes aluminium Cobawheels

Flow forming

A process commonly used in the manufacture of cast aluminum rims, Saint Jean Wheels applies it to an extruded tube to lighten the rim bed.