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COBAPRESS™ technology is perfectly suited to the needs of lightweighting, mechanical strength and design freedom of ground connection parts. This process solely owned by SJI is now recognized worldwide for its unique mechanical characteristics.

A hybrid process

Combination of die casting and forge

The COBAPRESS™ Hybrid Process involves forging a foundry preform. It has already produced more than 100 million parts for automotive manufacturers worldwide.

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Advantages compared to the die casting


Better material health E155 ASTM standard < 1

Stable process allowing frequency control in series.

Weight gain

Great freedom of design allowing the lightening of the parts.

Mechanical resistance

Elimination of internal defects and optimization of mechanical properties.

Excellent fatigue resistance thanks to the skin effect.

Advantages compared to the forge


Recyclable alloys integrated into the process

Reduction of material waste


Realization of complex shapes thanks to greater design freedom

Weight gain

Great freedom of design allowing the lightening of the parts.

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A basis for innovation

Innovations COBAPRESS™

Two innovations at an advanced stage of maturity are being offered today:

  • The COBAPRESS™ Optimal: for “Optimized Alloy”, is a variant offering improved mechanical characteristics of around +25%.
  • The Hollow COBAPRESS™: a variant that optimizes weight and stiffness while retaining the advantages of COBAPRESS™

Manufactured parts

COBAPRESS™ is particularly suited for safety critical parts such as suspension and chassis parts: stub axles and wheel carriers, control arms, shock fork, clevis, bi-material brake disc, suspension mount.