EPGS die casting

EPGS casting consists in forming a sand mould via an automated process. Molten aluminum is then injected using an electromagnetic pump. Saint Jean Industries uses it in particular for the production of heat exchangers for gas boilers. It allows the production of very complex parts in large series. It is also used for chassis and suspension parts.


  • Allows to obtain complex shapesFlexible process capable of achieving low to high production rates.
  • Small volumes can be produced thanks to the possibility of changing tools very quickly during production.
  • Possibility to reach very high production rates thanks to the combination of a feeding oven with an electromagnetic pump and a clod molding system.
  • Perfectly suited for recessed parts and complex core shapes.
  • Quality parts with very little porosity due to the pump’s sealing.
  • Low cost because several cores and cavities can be used at the same time.

Manufactured parts

EPGS molding is particularly suitable for large volume chassis parts and complex hollow parts such as: hollow suspension arms, suspension mounts, transmission mounts, subframe, cradle, heater body…