Hybrid Technology

COBAWHEELS technology is a patented technology combining 3 processes: COBAPRESS™ for the front face, flow forming for the rim bed and friction welding to join the 2 components.  

This technology reaches the limits of lightweighting for an aluminum rim without compromising the design that gives it its character.

Technologie Cobawheels

The advantages of Technology

  • The flow-formed rim bed can reach low thicknesses with high mechanical properties extrusion alloys.
  • The front face made of COBAPRESS™ benefits from design flexibility. It also offers high properties that will promote the fatigue life of the rim.
  • The assembly of the two parts thanks to the FSW cold friction stir welding process, allows a perfect cohesion of the materials used.
  • We use the minimum amount of material in the manufacturing process. We use fewer tools to carry out all the operations.

The cobawheels' processes