Gravity die casting

Gravity casting involves pouring molten aluminum into a cavity and then tilting the entire mold. The aluminum will then naturally solidify to form a part. 

Saint Jean Industries has been using gravity casting technology for many years in the automotive industry to reduce weight and costs. This technology allows to produce parts with complex and hollow shapes through the use of sand cores.

Gravity casting is the first step in the COBAPRESS™ process, which therefore provides a preform before the forging operation.

THE ADVANTAGES OF the gravity die casting

  • Fast and economical casting process.
  • High repeatability and low tooling costs due to long life.
  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Good mechanical characteristics
  • Possibility to obtain high production rates thanks to automation


    Saint Jean industries designs and manufactures its tools in-house, which allows for a high level of reactivity.

    Our light, flexible and automated equipment allows us to reach high production rates, from a few thousand to several million parts per reference.

Manufactured parts

The gravity casting process is particularly suitable for safety critical parts such as suspension and chassis parts: stub axles and wheel carriers, hollow stub axles, suspension arms, hollow suspension arms, suspension mounts, transmission mounts, subframe, cradle…