Bi-material disc

COBADISK is a patented technology combining 3 processes: COBAPRESS™, crimping and casting. The center part of the disc, the bowl, is made of aluminum using the COBAPRESS process, which combines casting and forging to achieve superior mechanical properties. And the brake track is made of cast iron with a special design to allow the crimping between the two parts. 

This innovative technology is surprisingly simple, which is what makes it a robust solution. It combines aluminum and cast iron in their most optimal use to allow maximum weight reduction. 

Advantages of COBADISK

A 25% lighter brake disc compared to a one-piece cast iron disc, and comparable performance in every way. The design of the track and the bowl can be adapted according to the type of vehicle and the braking torques required.

Perfectly adapted to the need for lightness and high mechanical properties thanks to the combination of several processes. This hybrid technology, which only Saint Jean Wheels masters, does not make any compromise between design, weight and robustness.

This process makes it possible to envisage the large-scale production of light and advanced discs.

Manufactured parts

Cast iron or ceramic track brake disc (ventilated, grooved, drilled, etc.).