COBADISK explain in a few minutes

If you missed the 2020 german event “Leichtbau Gipfel“, it is still possible to see the replay of the Saint Jean Industries presentation about the bi-material brake disk for automotive: the COBADISK.

This innovative technology is simply surprising and a reliable braking solution. It combines aluminium and cast iron in their best usage to maximize the weight saving. That is why the center part of the brake disk, the hub, is made in aluminium thanks to COBAPRESS technology, a cast/forge technology used to get improved mechanical properties. And the brake disc track is made of grey cast iron with a specific design to make possible the assembly of the two parts.

The result: a brake disc with 25% of weight saving compared to cast iron monobloc, and the same level of performance. The design of the hub and track could be adapted depending on OEM requirement in term of braking resistance.

To see the replay of the presentation during the event ‘Leichtbau Gipfel” go to the german magazine website “Automobil Industrie” :,%20Leichtbau-Gipfel,%20Engineering,%20Automobil