Saint Jean will be at the Batteries Event 2021

The battery is undeniably the key element of electric mobility. Its weight and price make it the main subject of research and innovation at the moment and for many years to come. And the event “Batteries event”, which will be held in the “Cité internationale” building of Lyon from September 29 to October 1, 2021, is a must to follow the trends and the projects in progress on the subject.

Saint Jean Industries will be present to show how it accompanies the innovation of batteries. The main topics will be lightweighting, safety and thermal management. All of SJI’s efforts are geared towards optimizing the autonomy of electric vehicles. All the production means, whether aluminum casting, extrusion, forging, machining, assembly and many others, are combined to offer the best solution for the battery pack structure. We will talk about the InnoTherMS project and its latest developments.

Join us at this 23rd edition!

More information on the official website of the event: